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BA 220

The brochure feeder for the separation and dispension of brochures

The BA 220, a dispenser which was developed for the separation and dispension of brochures. In case of product changing, only a few adjustments are required.

Broschürenanleger 220

Because of the steep upward stacking shaft, retainers such as  friction roller, scraper or similar are expendable. The products are seperated by a combination of air blast and shaking the stack. The respective lower is moved out by a vacuum belt to the top of the stack.
This patent pending procedure provides a secure separation without any prior adjustments.

Fineadjustments during the operation are not necessary. The brochures are vertically dispensed, the position of the bond is irrelevant.

The device is built very sturdy and characterized through a easy handling.

The control panel is located at eye level of the operator. All common operating functions to control the brochure feader are performed via large buttons. Only length settings are put in via the control panel. Also failure massages are displayed via the control panel.


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