Rotatek BRAVA 350

Semi-Rotary Offset Press BRAVA 350

The new Combined Semi-Rotary Press BRAVA 350 is another version of our successful Brava 450 but offering a maximum print width of 330 mm and produced only in semi-rotary format.

The Combined Semi-Rotary Press BRAVA 350 is specially designed for short runs with print formats between 200mm and 400mm. Semi-Rotary Offset Press System

Brava 350’s semi-rotary system allows you to vary the format (feed) without the need for tools or cylinder changes. It is ideal for short print runs.

The wet OFFSET printing technology and maximum accuracy guarantee the highest quality.

Rotatek BRAVA 450

Combined Wet Offset Semi-rotary and Rotary Press BRAVA 450

The unique semi-rotary and rotary printing machine.

BRAVA 450 is the only press on the market which allows you to print both in semi-rotary and rotary systems, combining finishing systems to perform all processes in-line and in a single operation.

The Brava semi-rotary system allows you to change format (feed) without using any tools or having to change the cylinder. It is ideal for medium and short print runs.

Its print width (420mm) and high speed, both in semi-rotary (12,000 cycles/hour) and rotary modes (150 cycles/min), make Brava 450 the most efficient and productive press on the market.

Its wet Offset printing technology and maximum accuracy guarantee the highest quality.


Combined Offset and Flexo Sleeve Rotary Press Rotatek Universal

For top-quality printing on multiple label or flexible packaging substrates.

A combined offset and flexo sleeve rotary press for top-quality printing on multiple substrates for the label, flexible packaging, folding cartons and security/transactional documents markets.

UNIVERSAL has a system of interchangeable light offset sleeves which are patented by Rotatek worldwide. The sleeve technology gives unbeatable ease and simplicity in changing multiple formats. Whereas changing jobs merely requires removing the sleeves, which avoids the material breaking.

Not only is it easier and faster, but it is also a much more cost-effective way of printing in different formats, because, using this technology, you only need to change two light sleeves. Sleeve technology, which has contributed greatly to the development of flexo printing, is now also a reality in the offset world.

Apart from Universal’s very high offset quality, and flexibility of changing formats and speed of changing jobs, it has the advantage of a lower pre-printing cost (offset plates are cheaper than flexo plates or rotogravure rollers).